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2016年6月10-12日,《HiFi音響》與feverSound.com合作舉辦了第一屆「香港影音博覽」,活動於尖東富豪九龍酒店舉行,以「買得起的靚聲」作主題,希望吸引入門至中級發燒友,接觸及體驗得到音響的樂趣及魅力。活動三日累積售出8,018張門票,以第一次舉辦同類活動來說,成績非常不錯,在這裡為是次活動作一個較詳細紀錄,希望給曾經來睇show的朋友一點回憶記趣。(Traditional Chinese) To celebrate 30 years anniversary, Hong Kong legendary audio magazine “HiFi Review” together with famous AV online magazine “feverSound.com”, co-organized the very first “Hong Kong Audio Visual Expo” (HKAVE). This exhibition has been held on 10-12, June 2016, with 17 individual demo rooms and 13 sales booths. In order to attract youngsters into audio market, this […]